• Chocolate Coconut Cream Tart

    Vegan Chocolate Coconut Cream Tart

    I feel really good about this tart because it is MOSTLY healthy! The gluten-free crust is made of almonds, oats, dates, maple syrup, almond butter and coconut oil. The ingredients are so simple and heathy for you! The filling is made with chocolate chips melted with coconut cream. I have been having fun with my new tart pan making different fillings, and this is one of my favorites so far. The melting point of chocolate is 90 degrees F, and you do not want to go much higher or you can burn it and it will taste awful. Also, do not let any water get into your mixing bowl because it…

  • Strawberry Rhubarb Tart

    Strawberry Rhubarb Tart

    The combination of fresh strawberries and rhubarb has always been a favorite of mine. I recently bought this tart pan and this strawberry rhubarb tart was the very first tart I baked in it. It has a removable bottom piece, so it came out very easily and in-tact! For this tart recipe, I created a gluten free, dairy free, vegan crust. I mostly wanted to make a crust without butter, and try to make it healthier. That led me to using almonds and oats for the “flours” and dates and coconut oil to hold the dough together. For the filling, I used a basic crème pâtissière, but if you want…

  • Roasted Vegetable Flower Tart

    Roasted Vegetable Flower Tart

    The tart is a labor of love, but the end result is very satisfying! The creme fraiche is a delicious base, and squash and carrot peels are wrapped around each other to form a beautiful flower. This last time, I attempted to add some eggplant for color purposes, but I actually do not recommend adding it because it seemed to give the tart a tough texture and did not cook as softly as the other vegetables, even after 45 minutes in the oven. The purple color is beautiful, but not worth ruining the tart! Stick with easier vegetables to cook, like squash and carrots. Arranging the peels takes some time,…