• Ginger Garlic Tofu
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    Garlic Ginger Tofu Stir Fry

    Some days I feel like cooking something simple and healthy with a lot of veggies. This garlic ginger tofu stir fry is the perfect quick, easy, healthy weeknight meal. While I prepared the garlic ginger sauce in my Thermomix®, I sautéd the vegetables in my skillet and cooked some brown rice in another pot. To make this dish even faster, you can precook the veggies and rice ahead of time, during meal prep day, for example. When I decided to change my diet to a more plant-based diet, I started eating tofu at least once a week for my protein source. I am still finding new ways to enjoy it…

  • Vegan Rainbow Wrap
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    Vegan Rainbow Wrap

    I am so excited to share this rainbow wrap recipe with you today, because it is one of my favorite lunch recipes and it is really fast and easy to make! Bonus points for being vegan and portable. Wraps are easy to pack as a lunch or take on-the-go. Inside of this healthy vegan rainbow wrap is roasted red pepper hummus, quinoa, shredded carrots, shredded cabbage, avocado, and spinach. I am sure there are many other ingredients you could add to it. Here is a super helpful tip: prep all of the ingredients you can beforehand, so when you are making your wrap it is grab-and-go. For example, I cook…

  • Simple Pesto Gemelli

    Simple Pesto Gemelli

    Some days, all I need is a simple pasta dish for lunch. Gemelli is one of my favorite types of pasta, and find it goes great with pesto sauce. I love how the sauce gets stuck inside the little twists! It is delicious tossed together with a fresh, homemade pesto sauce (although you can use store-bought to make things easier), and cherry tomatoes and quartered artichoke hearts. Artichokes are known for two health benefits: antioxidants and fiber. The heart is the most flavorful part! Artichoke hearts go well with pastas and on top of pizza. What is your favorite way to eat them? The pesto can be made in a…

  • Mushroom and Leek Quiche
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    Mushroom and Leek Quiche

    Quiche took me a while to perfect. I learned the hard way that the ideal ratio of eggs to milk is 2:1 (2 eggs for every cup of milk). I have made many runny and dry quiches alike, but after so many different tries I finally have a go-to quiche recipe that never fails me! You can use any vegetables you like instead of the mushrooms and leek, but I love the combination of these veggies with the gruyere cheese. A hint of nutmeg makes all the difference. I use an olive oil based crust, and by pre-baking it before adding the filling, it makes it nice and flaky. I…

  • Quinoa Sweet Potato Tacos

    Quinoa Sweet Potato Tacos

    It wasn’t until fairly recently that I started experimenting with vegetables in my tacos. One time we ordered vegetarian tacos from a local restaurant, and they blew me away. They were so flavorful and tasty! I was always a chicken taco lover, but have come a long way since then after discovering how delicious veggies can be in tacos too. Quinoa is an excellent source of protein, and sweet potatoes are packed with fiber and vitamins. In this vegetarian taco recipe, I add chopped chard into the quinoa when I cook it to add some healthy greens. Some toppings you can add are: corn, red onion, fresh cilantro, guacamole or…