• Basic Energy Bars

    Basic Energy Bars

    I am so excited to share this energy bar recipe with you today! They are my favorite snack to take along on a hike, or just for an afternoon pick-me-up when my energy levels start to get low. They boost my energy levels and give me lasting energy with healthy ingredients. In this basic energy bar recipe, I use dates, almonds, oats, peanut butter, and maple syrup. Of course, there are many variations beyond this basic recipe. You could add many different mix-ins, like nuts, seeds, dried fruit, coconut, or chocolate. The possibilities seem endless! To make these bars, I use my Thermomix®, which makes this recipe much easier. I…

  • Moroccan Chickpea Bowl

    Moroccan Chickpea Bowl

    Moroccan dishes are known for their intricate combination of spices and sweet and savory flavors! Couscous is also a well known Moroccan staple, and it goes so well with many vegetarian or meat-based dishes. I found this Moroccan bowl recipe on the Cookidoo® app and modified it into a vegetarian version using chickpeas instead of chicken. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out without the chicken, but in the end it was so amazing I just had to share the recipe. There are so many flavors going on in this bowl, your tastebuds will love it. The red onion gives the yogurt-based sauce a little kick, while the apricots…

  • Homemade Almond Milk

    Homemade Almond Milk

    One of the staples of a plant-based diet is enjoying nut milks instead of animal milks. I love homemade almond milk or cashew milk in my cereal or oatmeal in the mornings! Nut milks are very easy to make at home, and there is no need to buy expensive milks at the grocery store. Many times the nut milks you find at the store contain preservatives, “natural flavors” and are processed in other ways we don’t want. There is really no excuse. If you have a blender and a coffee filter at home, you can do it! Most of the time it takes to make nut milks is waiting for…

  • Homemade Dukkah
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    Homemade Dukkah

    Before seeing it at Trader Joes, I had never heard of dukkah before. Boy, was I missing out! I now have a glass jar full of homemade dukkah (or duqqa) on my counter stocked next to my spice rack at all times. If you aren’t familiar with dukkah, it is an Egyptian nut and spice mixed used for dipping or topping vegetables or meats. Dukkah is also great for using as crusts on meat or fish. It is crunchy and earthy in flavor. My favorite way to use dukkah is in a bowl of olive oil on the lunch or dinner table for dipping bread, and sometimes for a quick…