• Basic Energy Bars

    Basic Energy Bars

    I am so excited to share this energy bar recipe with you today! They are my favorite snack to take along on a hike, or just for an afternoon pick-me-up when my energy levels start to get low. They boost my energy levels and give me lasting energy with healthy ingredients. In this basic energy bar recipe, I use dates, almonds, oats, peanut butter, and maple syrup. Of course, there are many variations beyond this basic recipe. You could add many different mix-ins, like nuts, seeds, dried fruit, coconut, or chocolate. The possibilities seem endless! To make these bars, I use my Thermomix®, which makes this recipe much easier. I…

  • Maple Roasted Carrots
    Sides,  Snacks

    Maple Roasted Carrots

    These maple roasted carrots are a simple, flavorful side that you can add to any dish. I personally love to snack on them with hummus and dukkah! These days, I love a super quick, easy, healthy, and flavorful recipe, and this one definitely makes the book. To beautify your plate, choose carrots of different colors, such as orange, purple and white. Did you know that the different colored carrots offer different health benefits? Different colored carrots also taste different from each other, giving this simple oven roasted carrot dish some variation. The purple carrots are my favorite, since they are the sweetest! Next time you are at the grocery store,…

  • red bell pepper avocado toast

    Crunchy Avocado Toast

    Simple, yet filling and delicious is how I would describe this red bell pepper and cucumber avocado toast recipe. I always roll my eyes (and you should too) at the price of avocado toast on restaurant menus – $15? No way. It is so incredibly easy to make at home! The toppings on avocado toast seem to be endless. This recipe uses fresh chopped red bell pepper and cucumbers to add a crunch factor to the creamy, smashed avocado base. Avocados are known to be a healthy fruit because of their healthy fats (monounsaturated), fiber and B vitamins. They keep you feeling fuller longer, which can help with weight loss,…